With the new birth of Jacob Damkani came a calling to proclaim Yeshua to the lost sheep of the house of Israel — no matter what the cost. Distributing tracts he printed himself, he evangelized in the streets of Israel despite the resistance of his family and the hostilities of many orthodox Jews. In 1984 Trumpet of Salvation to Israel was founded. Since then Jacob has dedicated his life entirely to this calling.




In the 1990s the Lord led Jacob to encourage and equip believers from nations beyond Israel to bring the Gospel to Jewish Israelis. As a result hundreds of committed Christians from around the world have taken part in Trumpet's evangelistic outreaches in Israel. Meanwhile, doors have also opened to bring the Gospel to the Arab world. Trumpet of Salvation to Israel goes out to the streets of Israel to proclaim the Gospel of peace – to Jews first and also to Arabs.



If you are interested in participating in this vital part of the Lord's harvest, please contact us!